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Privacy and Terms

Privacy and Terms

Thank you for your interest in Harvest Home Interiors.

Please know that our commitment is to ensure that you have the best possible furniture buying experience. We are here to assist you in every step along the way.

Remember, your furniture will be created with the most important person in mind – YOU! Since this is the case, we will be unable to accept returns on your furniture after a certain amount of time.

When you purchase a piece of furniture from Harvest Home Interiors, your email will automatically be registered to receive correspondence from us.  If at any time you would like unsubscribe from our emails, that is your choice.  Just follow the steps from the email.  

In addition, please know that we will never sell your information to anyone!  We don't like when it happens to us, so why would we do it to you?!

Payment Options

Since we understand that furniture buying can be costly, we want to remain committed to ensure that you are able to bring your dream into reality. Often times, we can work with the customer to ensure payment is easy on them.

Once you determine the piece of furniture that you would like to place in your home, you can either use the online ordering option or order by phone.

At any time you would like to discuss payment options (50% down, balance due before delivery), give us a call. We would be happy to help.

Remember, once you place an order, you will have 72 hours to cancel the order and receive a refund. After this time period, our Amish manufacturer may have already begun making your piece of furniture. From time to time, we may be able to offer a refund, but that is at our discretion.

We glady accept credit cards, paypal, online checks or regular checks (phone ordering only).

Process and Timing

After we hold onto your order for 72 hours, we will notify our craftsman of your order. Once this occurs, he will either begin to build it from scratch OR notify other manufacturers that he will need the appropriate part to complete your piece of furniture.

You see, the Amish have an intricate system of furniture making where oftentimes one particular family specializes in a particular line (i.e., desks or office, drawers, doors, chairs, etc.). This allows them to be efficient with their work and keep the prices low.

Once the manufacturer is completed with your piece of furniture, he will then ship it off to a finish shop to have it hand-sanded and finished to meet your specifications.

Most of our furniture is ready for delivery between 6-10 weeks. Some of our Amish manufacturers have some of their items in stock for fast shipment, but this isn’t always the case. That being said, plan on it taking 6-10 weeks and an additional couple weeks for delivery. Sometimes this will be less, others it will be a little longer. If you would like a status update, send us an email - we will be in touch.

Quick Ship

Some of our manufacturers not stock some of their more popular styles.  We have identified these models as "quick ship."  These pieces are only available in the species and stain options as shown.  If you decide to purchase the piece, after the 72 hour return period and if the manufacturer has the item in stock, we will get the delivery process started as soon as possible.  

If for some reason the item is not in stock, we will backorder it for you and notify you when the item will be ready for delivery.


Harvest Home Interiors uses several different types of delivery options to keep costs down and ensure that your piece of furniture is delivered in tact.  While some of our pieces of our furniture maybe shipped from UPS or FedEx others may be shipped using special freight carriers that strictly deliver Amish Hardwood Furniture.  We also work some other freight companies and even deliver ourselves to ensure that the fairest price is charged for freight.

Furniture is large, bulky and fragile. Many pieces of our furniture is shipped fully assembled, which requires extra handling and careful packing.  Once your furniture is delivered, inspect it immediately.  Depending on the delivery method, once you accept it and sign for it, you are acknowledging that it is free from defect.  

Since our website is still in its infancy stages, we have tried our best to ensure that the charges for shipping are accurate.  Many times, the actual cost of delivery exceeds the charge to you, the customer.  That is okay, as mentioned, we want to ensure that you are able to get the piece you want, but please note, we may have to contact you and discuss this if it isn't possible for us to meet these posted charges.

Please note: we don't want to see it happen, and believe us, we don't want to make the contact for these conversations, but as mentioned delivery of bulky, fragile packages is a difficult process.

In-territory shipping

Harvest Home Interiors offers free curbside delivery (furniture only) to the following areas:

Pennsylvania: Erie County, Warren County, Crawford County

New York: Chautauqua County

Ohio: Ashtabula County, Lake County, Geauga County, Cuyahoga County, Medina County, Wayne County, Holmes County, Stark County

We also offer in-home delivery for an additional charge.  These prices can be adjusted from the standard charges listed in check-out depending on the item purchased.  Contact us for more information.

Out-of-territory Shipping

For all other areas outside of those listed above, Harvest Home Interiors offers two different rates - either curbside or in-home.  If you find that there maybe an issue in the shipping charges (mistakes do happen), please contact us.

Small Package Delivery

Pieces that can be shipped via UPS or USPS have been identified.  When processing at checkout, options for more economical shipping will appear.  If you find an error or have any questions, please contact us.

Issues and Returns

As already stated, returns are not accepted since your piece of furniture is unique to you. In the rare case that an item is grated a return you will be responsible for return shipping and a 25% restocking fee. Once your item is delivered to your house, you should inspect it immediately. Depending on the delivery method, once you accept it and sign, you are acknowledging that the item is free from defect.

If you have any questions, its simple, give us a call. As mentioned, we are here to make this as simple for YOU! We will stand behind our furniture except for abuse, misuse, commercial, or seasonal wood movement. Be prepared to email pictures of the item to help us assist you with any problems.

You will see we are pleasant to work with.

Understanding Hardwoods and Seasonal Wood Movements

It is always important to remember that your piece of furniture is made from real wood, not manufactured. This means that it was natural and not made in a factory. Since this is the case, grain patterns cannot be guaranteed. In addition, remember that stain colors may vary from how they appear on a computer/tablet/phone screen and will darken over the years.

In addition, during the changes of the seasons, wood will expand and contract. The ideal humidity for hardwood furniture is about 35%. Wood can either swell or shrink depending on the humidity level. Over time, this will cause the item to warp or even crack. If you live in an area of extreme weather changes, invest in a humidifier. Not only will it help your furniture, it will help you, too!

If you ever have any other questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help.